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Wounded Warriors Welcomed Home

FORT CARSON, CO – Project: Return to Work (R2W) Welcomes Warriors in Transition

Wounded warriors returning from Iraq or Afghanistan were welcomed home by grateful supporters.

For some soldiers, the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) is a brief stop-over during the recovery process prior to re-joining their former units or re-assignment to other details. For the rest, it is a step leading to a medical discharge.

Regardless, the “Joe Gmelch Wounded Warrior Welcome Socials” have been monthly affairs since LTC Joe Gmelch started the program in 2006. However, they are now scheduled quarterly as the number of soldiers injured in the Mideast has steadily decreased.

Apparently, the January Social was the hot ticket in town, attracting such notables as Michael Bennet (replacing Senator Salazar in the U.S. Senate), and Christina Sacha (the current Mrs. Colorado).

As always, Major General Mark Graham, Commanding General Division West, First Army and Fort Carson was there to welcome the soldiers with a warm handshake.

Also in attendance were Rob Brazell, President of Project: Return to Work (R2W) and his father Ray Brazell (a WWII Marine), along with other R2W Employment Specialists.

R2W is a non-profit organization providing free vocational rehabilitation services to injured soldiers. R2W has developed a unique system effectively blending advanced technologies with traditional evaluation, training, and job placement services.

The gathering enabled R2W Employment Specialists to talk to several injured soldiers and Marines. Several R2W members have served in the Army and other areas of the military.

Outreach and service that goes beyond the soldier’s expectations separates R2W from the traditional “employment agency.” “Once the word gets out about
what we do, R2W is always requested and accepted. The soldiers walk away with a sense that they can rest easier knowing that they will be taken care of after their military service is over.”

After all, “back to work, back to life” is the R2W slogan.