R2W Difference

Project: Return to Work Inc. (R2W) uses the most advanced technologies combined with highly skilled staff who genuinely care!

R2W is able to offer client services free of charge due to charitable grants and donations from many generous organizations and businesses, foundations, and individuals.


R2W History

Project: Return to Work Inc. (R2W) has a long and proud history.  Established as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable corporation in 1998, we have helped over 10,000 Americans get back to work, back to life.  Especially disabled civilians, injured veterans, and their spouses.

We have won several prestigious awards, grants, and government contracts over the decades.  And partnered with multiple community leaders to develop some of the most advanced technologies in the vocational rehabilitation industry.  Including Microsoft, Salesforce, and StaffCV.  See our sponsor page .

Our mission:  re-engage veterans, especially injured military service members and their spouses, disabled civilians, and diverse communities by helping them find productive and fulfilling jobs.

Our vision:  serve 1 Million clients within a decade.

Our strategic plan:  to achieve our vision, we are spinning off client services to several Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOBs).



R2W Programs and Services

  • Client Services
    • Tier 1&2
      • Direct Recruiting
    • Tier 3&4
      • DVR – Florida
      • Service Learning Apprenticeships
  • Mentors
  • STEM Interns
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • R2W House
  • R2W Village


R2W Village

R2W Village is a 5-year incubator.

R2W’s strategic plan:  to realize our vision of serving 1 million within a decade, we are spinning off our client services to multiple Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOBs).  We have setup the parent company and underlying infrastructure.  Now we are seeking startup capital.  See A Job For Life Endowment on our donation page.

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R2W House

R2W’s Founder has bequeathed two homes to the trust fund over R2W and R2W Village.  These homes are to be used for R2W’s Tier 3&4 work therapy programs, including the production of training videos for our employer-mentors.  These homes are also to be utilized for veterans in R2W Village.

R2W House – Florida was damaged by Hurricane Ian.  Necessary repairs might not be covered by the insurance company.

R2W House – Colorado needs repairs too.

We also need help with monthly expenses at both homes, including utilities.

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Research and Development (R&D)

R2W is pursuing funding for scientific studies on our services to empirically determine their impact and identify metrics for driving improvements in the vocational rehabilitation industry.

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Chuck Wright, R2W Director
Chair Mentors Committee

R2W is recruiting 300 mentors, thanks to sponsorships from Microsoft, Salesforce, and others.  Please visit our volunteer page for more information.

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STEM Interns – We All Serve

Rhett S., R2W STEM Intern 2014

R2W has educated many STEM interns over the decades.  They make a meaningful contribution by learning how to drive the underlying technologies for R2W’s Tier 1&2 services.

R2W provides four well-developed STEM Internships for Advanced Program (AP) high school and college students.  Each requires 5 hours/week for 70-80 hours over the course of a semester, including weekly classes, tests, and homework assignments. Students may be paid or volunteer to be nominated for medals from the President of the United States of America.  Many students also receive academic credit from their schools.  Use our Contact Form for more information.

President’s Volunteer Service Awards

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Client Services

R2W provides four tiers of services to job seekers and employers depending on the severity of the employment barrier:

  • Tier 1 – no injuries
  • Tier 2 – minor injuries
  • Tier 3 – severe injuries requiring vocational rehabilitation.
  • Tier 4 – most severe disabilities; gainful employment not probable but supported employment adds quality of life.

At each Tier, R2W provides evaluation, training, and placement services.

Job Seekers
Tier 1&2 job seekers receive “spit and polish” training and fast-paced recruiting services, including weekly workshops to prepare for monthly Heartbeats– interviews with employers.

Tier 3&4 job seekers typically receive between 3 and 36 months of work therapy from professional teams including a Chaplain, Psychotherapist, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and Employer-Mentors.

Tier 1&2 employers post jobs and receive screening services for a nominal fee.  Their support helps drive our STEM Internship and Mentors programs.  Tier 1&2 employers may also participate in highly published employer panels at our monthly Heartbeats.  And elite members of R2W’s Employers Corps participate in public relations campaigns.

Tier 3&4 employers co-author grant proposals for R2W’s work therapy. R2W’s professional teams train employers how to become paid mentor-employers focused on breaking through tough employment barriers instead of profit.


DVR Program

Nikki D ‘Agostino
DVR Program Manager
R2W Career Counselor

Nikki D ‘Agostino is the Program Manager for our Tier 3&4 contract with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVR) in Florida.  She is a Certified Career Counselor, and her program has phenomenal positive outcomes.  DVR rates us among their best providers.   Look for Nikki’s articles on our News page!

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