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Outreach is Key for Disabled Veterans Advocates

DENVER – Project: Return To Work (R2W) reaches out to legislators

Visitors to the Colorado Governor’s Residence, known today as the “Boettcher Mansion,” were surrounded by magnificent art and pioneer artifacts, some dating back to the building’s original completion in 1908.

One hundred years later, on a brisk evening in November, a varied group of new-age pioneers gathered. Rob Brazell, President of Project Return2Work (R2W), and Tomas Pimienta, R2W’s Employment Specialist, arrived at the mansion for a night of outreach to Colorado’s legislative community.

Founded in 1998, R2W provides vocational rehabilitation and employment services to Americans with disabilities, including injured soldiers returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. R2W has developed a unique system effectively blending advanced technologies with traditional evaluation, training, and job placement services.

Hosted by the Denver Women’s Commission and the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, The Colorado Lawmakers Awards ceremony celebrated five female politicians and their contributions to Colorado’s citizens.

Brazell and Pimienta congratulated Colorado State Senator Nancy Spence, honored for her work as a voice for other female politicians and as a strong advocate of educational issues.

Senator Spence learned from Pimienta that R2W, unlike other employment agencies, balances cutting-edge technology and the personal touch, provided by professional counselors who care…many having themselves successfully coped with personal challenges, to ensure the newly enabled are supported as they “get back to work and back to life,” which just happens to be the R2W slogan.

Employment, education, veterans’ needs, and disability issues were among the main topics of conversation during the event. Brazell and Pimienta discussed R2W’s services with Denver Women’s Commissioner’s Robert “Ken” Sobel and Denver Women’s Commission Director, Chaer Robert. Sobel called his meeting with Brazell “serendipitous,” having learned about the positive impact R2W is having on the lives of those with disabilities.

Following the event, Brazell and Pimienta agreed that new and lasting partnerships with other advocates for the disadvantaged in attendance that evening was highly likely.