Tier 3 & 4

If you are disabled, you might qualify for a Service Learning Internship (SLI) prior to Direct Recruiting.  There are several benefits.  Some internships are for pay.  Others are on a voluntary basis depending on your situation and the employer’s position.

We quickly figure out what your greatest interests are.  Then we target employer(s)  with On The Job Training (OJT) matching your needs.  We advocate you to the employer – we don’t just send your resume.

You can also request a mentor who is an expert in your field.  He/she commits a year to you.  Often, the employer is also a mentor.

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  • Tier 1  –  No disability
  • Tier 2  –  Minor disability
  • Tier 3  –  Severe disability
  • Tier 4  –  Most severe disability