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Community Leaders – Dale & Diane Tinline

By Rob Ray Brazell

Dale and Diane have been Fran Nixon’s, R2W Missions Operations Manager (MOM’s) extraordinary neighbors for decades.  Diane is a property manager who introduced us to Peter Cornell’s daughter, Amy, last year who in turn helped us demonstrate the R2W House concept in Florida.  Diane has also helped MOM with an array of chores over the years — one heck of a friend.

Dale is a Marine in the Blue Angels (retired) and a former logistics expert in the home renovation industry.

He frequently mowed MOM’s lawn and trimmer her trees (not just one or two!), and completed several home improvements for her out of the kindness of his heart.  He’s kept a watchful eye over MOM’s property for a long time and connected her electricity to their power generator after Hurricane Charley devastated the entire community.  MOM could not have survived in the sweltering heat otherwise.  Like Don Ellis and Karen Bordner in Colorado, Dale and Diane renew my faith in humanity.  As my father would say (WWII Marine), “They’re a rare breed,” and I am deeply grateful.

Good neighbors = community leaders.

Dale and Diane Tinline